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J21 reefing  by Colin Bishop

Yes, I think we have just about got it sussed out now but haven't yet tried it in anger. There are two adjustable cheek blocks on a track on the port side of the boom which can be set to match the position of the leech cringles. I found the description below on another non Jaguar website which explains how to rig them (despite the odd spelling). However there are two cheek blocks spaced more or less equidistantly on the starboard side of the boom with matching jammers and I haven't a clue what they are for. Glad your involuntary paddle went off safely! Did the motor fit OK? I'm a bit frustrated with my previous owner, seems he waited until something broke - then left it! Extract from website follows:

On the message board many people have asked about slab reefing. Instead of being redundant. I thought a ready reference artice in the archives would be appropriate.

This is the equipment you will need for 2 reefs: 2 reefing hooks 2 cheek blocks 2 cleats: Enough 1/4 inch line for 2 reefs depending on the size of the sail. Be generous 100ft of 3 strand nylon should do.

Installation: Your sail must have 2 gromets at the luff and at the leach for each reef with the appropriate reinforcement. This can be accomplished quite easily by any sailmaker. Both cheek blocks which are used for the leech side of the reef must be fastened to the boom in the proper place. Correct alignment is a must for the equipment to work properly. The easiest way to do this is to mark a spot on your boom so that if you drew an imaginary line up the sail to the gromet it would be at right angles to the boom. Move aft about 1" and fasten your cheek block. Use either self tapping screws or pop rivets. Do the same with the second cheek block. It will be foreward of the first because the gromets are higher up on the sail. Next install both cleets foreward on the boom near the gooseneck so you can reach them and the main halyard without having to move around to much. The cleets, and cheek blocks should be on the starboard side because the main hallyard is on the starboard side. Some folks like to put the cleats on the bottom of the boom so they can reach them from either side. When you start out reefing you will find it easier to reef from the stbd tack but with a litte experience it wont make much difference. Take your 2 hooks and either tie them on to the gooseneck at a point so when you release the halyard and drop the first luff gromet down to the boom you can put the hook in and it fits without too much play when you retighten the halyard. Some sailors use a corkscrew type hook screwed to the boom. I perfer a hook on a line with a clete to tie off on this makes life easier but it means more hardware. The choice is yours. Next install your reef lines. This is done by tying the 1/4" line to the becket on the cheek block running it under the boom up the port side of the sail thru the gromet, down the starboard side of the sail, thru the sheave on the cheek block and foreward. Did you get all that. Then tie it off on the cleet you installed for that purpose Not too tight though leave a little slack. Do the same for the second reef and thats it your reefer is ready.

Part 2 Putting A reef in the easy way:

Get your boat on a close reach. Luff up the main keep sailing on the jib. some people heave to but a lot of board boats wont heave to. Take up on your topping lift which should be thru a block at the aft end of the boom and cleeted foreward near the gooseneck. I prefer this on the port side because there are enuf cleets on the stbd. This manoever will take the pressure and weight of the sail and make life a lot easier. You should be able to reach everything from one spot foreward. Now lower your main halyard until the first luff gromet is at the boom. Put your hook in. Cinch your halyard up tight and cleat it off. Take your leech reefer line of its cleet and pull it until the leach gromet is tight against the boom and tie it off. If it goes hard, luff up more and take up some more on the topping lift. Thats it the reef is in. Slack your topping lift sheet your main in drop your reef line tails in the pocket made by the reef. You can tie the point ties in if you want but I never bother. The whole thing should not take more than 5 min.
J21 Reefing